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Packing a Computer

Packing a Computer?

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When getting ready for your move, packing your computer is one of the most important things you'll have to do. Since your computer probably contain many of your most important records, such as family pictures, financial records, critical programs, and other important documents; you'll need to use extra care when packing it up.

What You'll Need

In preparing to pack up your computer, you'll need the following supplies:

How To Pack Your Computer

The most critical thing to do, before you even start to pack your computer, is to back up all of your files. The last thing you want is to go through the trouble of moving your computer to the new home, only to find that its memory has been erased. If that were to occur, your backup files will allow you to reload all of your information.

The first step in getting ready to pack up your computer is to check to make sure there are no disks, flash drives, or other items inside or attached to the computer tower. When everything has been removed, turn the computer off. The next step is to carefully label all of your cables. The best way is to simply wrap a piece of tape around one end of the cable and label it with which component it belongs to (e.g. cpu, monitor, or printer). After labeling the cables you can remove them, bundle them together, and put a piece of tape around the bundle to keep it together.

It's also critical that you take special care when packing up printers, copiers, fax machines, and scanners. Remove your ink or toner cartridges from the devices and place them separately in plastic bags. The cables connecting these items to the computer should also be removed, as previously described.

Now that you have prepared the computer and all its components, you can begin packing them. If possible, it is best to use the computer's and monitor's original boxes and packaging, but not everyone holds on to these things. If you do not have these boxes available, then you should first wrap each component of your computer in sheets of packing paper or moving blankets to keep them protected during your move.

After wrapping the components in paper paper or moving blankets, put each item in a box that is only slightly larger than the item itself. A snug-fitting, small or medium size box will keep the items from moving around, thus reducing the chance of their getting damaged.

Line the bottom of the box with plenty of crumpled packing paper. Then, carefully put the computer component in the box, and surround it with more crumpled packing paper. Provide extra cushioning paper on the corners of your computer and on the top. Once you have the computer sufficiently padded and it doesn't move around inside the box, tape it shut and label the box with the contents and destination. Properly preparing and packing your computer will insure it arrives at your new destination safe and sound!

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