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Packing a Sofa

Packing a Sofa?

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Obviously, you can't just put your couch in moving boxes with some packing peanuts and tape it shut. You do want to protect it before it is shipped, though, especially if you don't want the upholstery to get damaged. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can protect your sofa on its way to your new home.

To begin with, you will need: Sofa or couch covers, Moving blankets, Plastic Shrink Wrap, Packing tape

How To Pack Your Sofa

Your main concern when packing a sofa is protecting the fabric from getting damaged during the moving process. Not only do you want to avoid rips, you want to keep stains, water damage, and dust from the truck and other items you are packing from getting onto it.

There are three ways to protect your sofa for the move. The first is simple: there are couch covers available on the market for taking care of this job.

Packing blankets work well, too. Just cover the whole couch with them and tape it all together. Be sure to cover any finished wood (i.e., the legs). Stand the sofa up on its ends and tape around it a few times to make sure the blankets are secure.

The third option is the most involved but provides the best protection. Start by wrapping the sofa in moving blankets and finish by shrink wrapping everything. Don't use shrink wrap directly on the sofa; it can cause condensation that will ruin the fabric (especially leather).

Now that your couch is properly protected, you can load it into the moving truck without fear of something happening to it.

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