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Packing Clothing

Packing Clothing?

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Clothes can be easily ruined on the way to your new home, so you'll want to make sure that everything is protected. There are a few methods for packing your clothes, depending on where they are stored.

What You'll Need

When packing your clothing, you'll need a few materials: Wardrobe boxes, stack of packing paper, large boxes, packing tape and a permanent marker

How To Pack Your Clothing

The first packing method concerns hanging items, which should be packed in a wardrobe carton. Assemble the carton, and put the included bar into place. Any hanging items, like drapes, shower curtains, and clothing can all be hung in these boxes; just don't mix them together.

You'll want to hang clothes as they are in the closet: not too tightly packed together. Simply transfer them, still on their hangers, directly onto the bar of the wardrobe carton. Each box can hold about two feet of closet space, so make sure you have the right number of boxes. Since these boxes are designed to hold only your hanging clothes, don't pack anything at the bottom.

Once you've filled the box, tape the top of it shut along the flaps, making sure to secure the bar in place. Tape the other seams as well. This will keep moisture from getting in there and ruining your clothes. Finally, tape around the top of the box a few times to hold the carton together.

The next option is simple: if you have clothing that is already packed in storage containers, double check to make sure there is nothing else in there that might get damaged, and simply tape the containers up as is.

Finally, there are a couple of methods for clothes that are kept in the bureau or dresser. Clothing in drawers can either be left in the drawers with some packing paper laid on top, or it can be boxed. If you decide on the latter option, first line the bottom of a 4.5-cubic-foot carton with packing paper. Lay neatly-folded clothes in single layers. After each layer, place a sheet of packing paper on top before starting the next one. Once you've filled the carton, place one final layer of packing paper on top of everything as cushioning. Then, seal the box with tape.

Once you've finished with each of these boxes, take out your permanent marker and label each box with its contents and destination.

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