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Packing Cutlery

Packing Cutlery?

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There are two things to consider when packing cutlery: making sure your cutlery isn't damaged and making sure you don't lose anything. The instructions below will show you how to pack your cutlery in such a way that it will be unlikely to get damaged or lost.

What You'll Need

For packing cutlery, you should have the following supplies:

How To Pack Cutlery

First, prepare a small moving box. Use packing tape to secure the bottom of the box and then place a layer of crushed paper inside as cushioning.

Pack your cutlery in bundles of around four pieces. Stack the items on top of each other, all facing the same direction. For example, the sharp ends of all four knives in the bundle should be pointing the same way. Regular packing paper is fine for your everyday cutlery. Lay the stack of cutlery on the corner of the stack of packing paper and roll them in one or two sheets, tucking in the extra paper as you roll. Place the bundle on its side in the box, and move on to the next four pieces.

Use the same process when packing silverware, but, instead of packing paper, use acid-free tissue paper. This will prevent your silverware from getting tarnished. Of course, if you have a silverware case, use it. Just pack the case in the bottom of your cutlery box. Place a layer of packing paper over it to prevent your other cutlery from damaging the box.

You should handle knives with extra care. Use extra paper to help reduce the chance of someone getting cut. You should indicate which bundles contain knives by labeling them. Draw an arrow showing which end the blades are facing. This will help you unwrap them safely in your new home.

Once the box is filled, place one final layer of packing paper on top as cushioning. Then, label the box with its contents and room destination.

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