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Packing Knickknacks

Packing Knicknacks?

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You know that drawer in your house, the one that's full of little things that you're not sure where to put? You might still want to bring those things with you. Fortunately, packing knickknacks is a relatively simple process.

What You'll Need

When packing up your knickknacks, there are a few items you'll need:

How To Pack Knickknacks

Odds and ends (figurines, sunglasses, kid's meal toys, etc.) can be very simply wrapped in packing paper and placed in a box. If you aren't risking damage to them, similar items can be placed together at one corner of a sheet of packing paper and rolled up, tucking the paper in as you go.

Smaller, loose items (jacks, army men, costume jewelry, etc.) can be put in plastic bags before you wrap them up. Place everything in a carton, padded with packing paper, that satisfies your spatial requirements (though anything larger than a medium carton is not recommended).

More delicate items should be wrapped in bubble wrap. Tape the wrap to itself, not to the item, so you don't damage it or leave a gummy residue on it. Next, wrap it in a few sheets of packing paper. Make sure to put these items on the top of the box and label it "fragile" and "this end up."

Place one final layer of packing paper on top of everything as cushioning. Then, seal the box with tape. Finish by labeling the box with its contents and destination.

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