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Packing Pots and Pans

Packing Pots & Pans?

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Even though pots and pans seem durable, just throwing them into a box can make them vulnerable to damage. For example, if the non-stick surface of a pot or pan is scratched, it could be ruined. Take a little time to pack your pots and pans carefully, so you can avoid having to replace them.

What You'll Need

For packing pots and pans, you should have the following supplies:

How to Pack Pots and Pans

Before you start packing pots and pans, you need to prepare the box they'll be going in. All you need to do is make sure the bottom of the box is securely taped, using at least two layers of packing tape. This will help prevent heavy pots and pans from collapsing the bottom of the box. Place a layer of crushed packing paper in the bottom of the box as cushioning, and you'll be ready to pack.

Pots and pans can be packed in stacks using a method called "nesting." Start with your largest pot, placing it in the center of the stack of packing paper. Wrap it in one or two sheets of paper, tucking the extra paper into the middle of the pot. Then, place the next-largest pot inside the first, and, in the same way, wrap both pots in another one or two sheets of paper. Up to three pots or pans can be nested in one package.

Take the wrapped pots or pans and place them on their side in the bottom of the box. Repeat the steps above with all your pots and pans, continuing to place them on their sides in rows in the box.

The lids of your pots and pans should be nested as well. To nest lids, place one lid in the center of the stack of packing paper, fold one corner of paper over it, and place another lid on top. Fold another corner over the two lids. Then, add one more lid, and use the leftover corners to wrap the three lids together. Then, lay them flat in the box on top of the pots and pans.

Fill any extra space in the box with crushed packing paper. This will keep things from shifting around while in transit. Then, add one final layer of packing paper on top as cushioning. Finally, seal the box shut with packing tape, label it with its contents and room destination, and your pots and pans will be ready to go in the moving truck.

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