2-3 Room Moving Supplies Kit FREE SHIPPING!

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Economy Kit #2

Small Moving Boxes

10 Small Boxes (16x10x10)

Use to pack small lightweight items and drawer contents.

Moving Supplies Cheap
Medium Moving Boxes

20 Medium Boxes (18x14x12)

Ideal for your books, CD's, DVD's and kitchen items.

Bubble Wrap by Sealed Air

48' of Bubble Wrap®

Secure and protect items from damage.

Packing Tape

110 yards of Packing Tape

Strong, reliable tape used by professional movers!

Box Marker

2 Black Box Markers

Keep things organized with these premium box markers!

30 Boxes
& Packing Supplies
Moving Boxes FREE SHIPPING - Est. Delivery Time!
30  Boxes  •  $37 in Supplies  •  44 cu. ft. of Packing Space
30 Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies Kit

Economy Moving Boxes Kit for one - two rooms

Economy Moving Boxes Kit #2

You might have a small problem. It’s okay to admit because we see the books spilling out of the bookshelf onto the kitchen table, a few nestled into the nightstand. Others can be found stashed all over the house and once you really take stock of your inventory and realize you just can’t part with any of them, you recognize you’re going to need a bigger moving kit than you originally thought. The ten small boxes included in this kit are perfect for packing and moving those books you cherish. The packing tape included will hold your boxes strong and they’re small enough you won’t need a forklift to lift each box into the moving truck. You can sigh in relief when you see all of your precious cargo neatly stacked in the moving truck or van or backseat of your car and see each moving box labeled with the black box marker by genre, or cover color, or listed alphabetical.

Once you’ve secured your independent bookstore-amount of books, you’ll be able to move on to packing the dresser drawers, nightstand curio, and kitchen cupboard baking mixes. It all fits and you’ll curl up with a well-worn copy of your favorite Vonnegut book and know that, No, You certainly do not have a problem. Everything fit and it’s all in order. All is write (har-har-har) with the world.

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