5-6 Room Moving Supplies Kit FREE SHIPPING!

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Economy Kit #5

Small Moving Boxes

15 Small Boxes (16x10x10)

Use to pack small lightweight items and drawer contents.

Moving Supplies Cheap
Medium Moving Boxes

30 Medium Boxes (18x14x12)

Ideal for your books, CD's, DVD's and kitchen items.

Large Boxes

12 Large Boxes (20x20x15)

Great for clothes, bedding, and most household items.

Extra Large Boxes

10 X Large Boxes (23x23x16)

Perfect for large lightweight household items.

Bubble Wrap by Sealed Air

72' of Bubble Wrap®

Secure and protect items from damage.

Packing Tape

165 yards of Packing Tape

Strong, reliable tape used by professional movers!

Box Marker

3 Black Box Markers

Keep things organized with these premium box markers!

67 Boxes
& Packing Supplies
Moving Boxes FREE SHIPPING - Est. Delivery Time!
67  Boxes  •  $55 in Supplies  •  157 cu. ft. of Packing Space
67 Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies Kit

Economy Moving Boxes Kit for four - five rooms

Economy Moving Boxes Kit #5

Your kids are grown up but that doesn’t mean they don’t need you anymore. After your daughter received a big promotion at work, she’s decided to relocate across town to be closer to the office. This will save her valuable commuting time and her new place is great. But she’s so busy with work she’s asked you to help her gather the needed moving boxes and moving supplies. Since you don’t have a ton of extra time to be running around town to locate the different sized moving boxes, moving supplies and other necessary items your daughter doesn’t even know she’s going to need yet. So a lunchtime search at work leads you to the perfect solution for everybody.

You’re able to purchase the five room economy moving boxes kit which is going to cover all the basics she will need to make this move smooth. The package, which already comes with three different sized moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape and box markets is cheap enough you go ahead and add mattress bags and moving blankets onto your order. You pay and designate the boxes to arrive at your daughter’s front door. You’re so thrilled you don’t have to rush out of work to get to a UHaul office before they close. Next steps will be helping your daughter purge some unnecessary items before the move and getting everything packed and secured. You’ll remind herself and you when it starts to seem overwhelming to take it just one step at a time, like the way you ordered your cheap moving supplies online.

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