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Basic Moving Kit #10

Small Moving Boxes

40 Small Boxes (16x10x10)

Use to pack small lightweight items and drawer contents.

Moving Supplies Cheap
Medium Moving Boxes

40 Medium Boxes (18x14x12)

Ideal for your books, CD's, DVD's and kitchen items.

Large Boxes

36 Large Boxes (20x20x15)

Great for clothes, bedding, and most household items.

Extra Large Boxes

30 X Large Boxes (23x23x16)

Perfect for large lightweight household items.

Bubble Wrap by Sealed Air

96' of Bubble Wrap®

Secure and protect items from damage.

Packing Paper | Newsprint

12 lbs. of Packing Paper

Protect dishware, glasses and more.

Packing Tape Clear

440 yards of Packing Tape

Strong, reliable tape used by professional movers!

Tape Dispenser

4 Economy Tape Dispensers

Easy to use tape dispenser.

Black Box Marker

4 Black Box Markers

Keep things organized with these premium box markers!

146 Boxes
& Packing Supplies
Moving Boxes FREE SHIPPING - Est. Delivery Time!
146  Boxes  •  $142 in Supplies  •  379 cu. ft. of Packing Space
146 Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies Kit

Basic Moving Boxes Kit for nine - ten rooms

Basic Moving Boxes Kit #10

Great-grandma sure did have a lot of things. You remember being little, she would sneak you hard candies when you would visit. There’s was always tea time and delicate cakes and cookies and little sandwiches. Visiting with her was always enchanting and she certainly knew how to entertain guests well into her 104th year of life when she finally passed. Her funeral consisted of remembering her life fondly and sharing personal stories that others were cherishing to hear. There certainly were a lot to remember but she would appreciate the humor in this day. Now she is gone and most of the things in the house had been gifted in a will to the different family members. She asked you before she passed if you would be so kind to take care of it and you ensured her it would be your honor. So here you stand in her nine bedroom estate full from a long life. Before you is a document of what needs to go to whom and it’s daunting. A walk around the house has you running a hand over the antique bar cart that was your great-grandfathers from the roaring 30s and gazing at the kitsch items that revealed what decade they were purchased. There’s the family portraits in oil over the fireplace and the delicate tea time set she trusted you with even as a child.

The only way to start is to just do it one thing at a time. The moving box kit arrived a few days and you’re ready to dive in, a pen tucked behind your ear to check items off as you go. The moving kit you ordered has 146 moving boxes to choose from so you’re sure you won’t run out of appropriately sized boxes for the item. Packing paper and bubble wrap for delicate items, enough packing tape to secure everything for the delivery or pick-up that will be happening in the next few weeks. You’ve made great progress and you’re happy you don’t have to stop anything to go pick up additional moving supplies. You’re happy you were able to order the mattress bags from BoxesAZ.com since a few of the beds are being cleared out of the large house. The moving blankets you were able to purchase there are being wrapped around antique side tables and other furniture she gifted in her will. The gardener who is still on payroll sticks his head in two days later when you’re sitting on the floor surrounded by the list and stacks of boxes carefully noted with the black box marker the contents and person it is destined for. He is impressed with your progress and you invite him in for tea. Your great grandma did leave the set for you and you’re only too happy to carry on the tradition of sharing the warmth with somebody. Next time you’ll even have some cookies to offer.

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