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Bigger Boxes Kit #2

Medium Moving Boxes

20 Medium Boxes (18x14x12)

Ideal for your books, CD's, DVD's and kitchen items.

Moving Supplies Cheap
Large Boxes

10 Large Boxes (20x20x15)

Great for clothes, bedding, and most household items.

Bubble Wrap by Sealed Air

48' of Bubble Wrap®

Secure and protect items from damage.

Packing Paper | Newsprint

6 lbs. of Packing Paper

Protect dishware, glasses and more.

Packing Tape Clear

220 yards of Packing Tape

Strong, reliable tape used by professional movers!

Tape Dispenser

1 Economy Tape Dispenser

Easy to use tape dispenser.

Black Box Marker

2 Black Box Markers

Keep things organized with these premium box markers!

30 Boxes
& Packing Supplies
Moving Boxes FREE SHIPPING - Est. Delivery Time!
30  Boxes  •  $79 in Supplies  •  70 cu. ft. of Packing Space
30 Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies Kit

Bigger Moving Boxes Kit for one - two rooms

Bigger Moving Boxes Kit #2

70 cubic feet of packing space makes the next moving day a breeze. 30 moving boxes! 30 storage boxes! You exclaim. The ecstasy of freedom has you calling your friends, whom are used to your rants by now and forgive and love you despite. You shout from excitement to one friend about the moving boxes you found online at BoxesAZ.com. You announce how they will be delivered right to you, how you purchased your moving boxes online. You don’t even have to go to Lowe’s and fight the public to get somebody to help you find what you’re looking for! You are so excited, you even explain in detail the moving equipment included in the kit you clicked Confirm Purchase on a moment ago. 48 feet of brand name Bubble Wrap! Do you know what I can do with 48 feet of brand name bubble wrap?! You don’t realize your friend has politely put you on speaker and walked into the other room. Comfort Grip Tape Dispenser?! How ergonomic! The freedom to pack and secure my boxes all from the privacy of my own home! 220 yards of Packing tape! I could wrap my boxes completely in tape! You don’t know that your friend has made a sandwich and is looking at golden retrievers on Pintrest. And oh, you exclaim, two black box markers! I can throw anything into any of the thirty moving boxes I will receive and clearly mark them! You’re unaware your friends will help you move but they will use those black markers to put mustaches on the figures painted on the side of your moving truck. You’ll take a hit to your moving day deposit but it’s okay; you’re so excited to move today because of the convenience and savings you received with your Bigger Boxes Moving Kit. The additional money you saved by purchasing cheap moving boxes online you are able to add mattress bags and moving blankets without breaking your budget.

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