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Basic Moving Kit #6

Small Moving Boxes

30 Small Boxes (16x10x10)

Use to pack small lightweight items and drawer contents.

Moving Supplies Cheap
Medium Moving Boxes

30 Medium Boxes (18x14x12)

Ideal for your books, CD's, DVD's and kitchen items.

Large Boxes

24 Large Boxes (20x20x15)

Great for clothes, bedding, and most household items.

Extra Large Boxes

10 X Large Boxes (23x23x16)

Perfect for large lightweight household items.

Bubble Wrap by Sealed Air

72' of Bubble Wrap®

Secure and protect items from damage.

Packing Paper | Newsprint

9 lbs. of Packing Paper

Protect dishware, glasses and more.

Packing Tape Clear

330 yards of Packing Tape

Strong, reliable tape used by professional movers!

Tape Dispenser

3 Economy Tape Dispensers

Easy to use tape dispenser.

Black Box Marker

3 Black Box Markers

Keep things organized with these premium box markers!

94 Boxes
& Packing Supplies
Moving Boxes FREE SHIPPING - Est. Delivery Time!
94  Boxes  •  $106 in Supplies  •  213 cu. ft. of Packing Space
94 Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies Kit

Basic Moving Boxes Kit for five - six rooms

Basic Moving Boxes Kit #6

It’s not about being left-wing or right-wing, it’s about being an American. It’s about supporting American businesses and it’s about the freedom to choose! But you never expected there to be this many moving box choices and you are quickly overwhelmed. How in the world are you supposed to know how many boxes you should get for your newest move? How do you know what supplies you’ll need? Sure, you’ll need packing tape, but have you even thought of what it means to pack a kitchen, the desk trinkets, the framed family photos? What about mattress covers and moving blankets? Your head is spinning with all of the options and you think of just calling a professional mover but that costs a lot of money. This being an American thing is hard work. Luckily you’re able to stumble across the BoxesAZ.com that takes the guesswork out of your big move. You count your bedrooms 1, 2, 3… How did you end up in a space so big? A bathroom, kitchen and living room all thrown in and you’re wondering how your mother was able to start her entire life with just a Hope Chest. What about the THINGS, Mom? You decide to go with the six room basic moving kit. It seems to have a lot of everything which means you won’t have to make any dumpster trips because you ran out of boxes.

30 small boxes, 30 medium boxes, large AND x-large boxes are included in the kit too? This is great news when a friend comes over to help you start packing and they’re pleasantly surprised at your thoughtfulness to make the most efficient use of their time. You even went out and got bubble wrap and packing paper, nine whole lbs of it. You don’t interject their internal monologue about your thoughtfulness to let them know you were able to get all of this with one easy click online and it came included in your room package. Even the mattress bags and moving blankets were purchased online for cheap at BoxesAZ.com. All without having to step out and go inside a WalMart or Costco. After all the packing is done, you reflect and decide that, yes, being American is hard work but that freedom to choose thing? Totally worth it.

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