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Packing Paper

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Pack Like the Pros!™ with clean, with newsprint...

Packing Paper is an economical and resourceful way to safely pack and store your delicate and fragile items. Our packing paper comes in bundles of 10, 25, 50, and 100 lbs. Our Packing Paper is made with 100% recycled materials and can be recycled after your use. Thanks, Mother Earth!

Tips for packing with newsprint:
  • Crumple or wad packing paper to fill voids in boxes. Shifting contents is the number one reason items are damaged or broken in transport. Creating a snug environment gives items a chance to succeed to arriving at their new destination in one piece.
  • Placing crumbled packing paper at the bottom and top of a moving box helps absorb any impact from setting the box down or having another box / item being stacked on top.
  • Always pack heavier items at the bottom of a moving box and then layer lighter delicate items on top.
  • It’s important to never used newspaper when packing china or porcelain. The ink from the newspaper will transfer to the china and could potentially permanently stain the item. Our packing paper is clean, white inkless sheets so you can avoid having to rewash the items when you unpack.
  • Wrapping shoes in packing paper before placing in a larger box will prevent them from scuffing each other in transport.

How to pack with paper:
  • Start with a clean, flat workspace. Place stack of packing paper down.
  • For small items, start by placing item in corner of packing paper and rolling until covered, tucking sides in as you go. You can secure packing paper with tape or you can place with seam side down in your moving box.
  • For larger items, place item in middle of packing paper and bring in opposite corners. Use as much paper as it takes to adequately cover the item.
  • Plates we recommend wrapping them in bundles of four and securing them together. This will make them a stronger unit. Always use enough packing paper between each plate to keep items safe.
  • Plates are safer if they are stacked vertically like in a dishwasher since the area for impact on each plate is now minimized if the box is dropped.
  • For odd items with handles, roll up a sheet of packing paper and wrap it around the handle securing with tape. Then proceed to wrap the rest of the item with packing paper.

Using packing paper newsprint sheets as an economical way to pack and protect fragile items when moving or shipping. Clean, white newsprint sheets are a fast and ideal solution to wrap and protect dishes, glasses and other breakable items. Secure and protect valuables from damage. Made with 100% recycled material.

"Purchased packing paper instead of bubblewrap. Muck cheaper and quicker to pack. Good price and fast delivery. Thanks."

Barb J. Bloomington, IL

"Much less expensive than Home Depot packing paper and you get much more as well as free delivery! What's not to like about that."

Susan M. Sarasota, FL

"My order arrived the very next day and was as described. Paper came in use while packing and the kids had a blast drawing on the big sheets while we were packing up the kitchen"

Brooke G. Loma Linda, CA

"It seems like all I do lately is move. Fifth move in 3 years due to my job and each and every time I get a little better and faster at it. If you are packing up a kitchen, bathroom, picture frames or whatever, newsprint is the way to go. I use paper and stretch wrap and I can get pretty much the entire house secured. Have used three times now and they have been wonderful. Packing paper is the best price online and my order arrives quickly. Don't waste your money wrapping dishes in bubble, just buy 25-50 pounds of paper and you will be amazed how fast you will burn through it. Anyway, thanks for all the help... GREAT JOB!"

Winnie C. Rockville, MD

"BEST price out there and fast free shipping. Use it as void fill in shipping boxes for items I sell on eBay and Amazon. Great price, timely delivery."

Betty D. Bloomington, MN

"Awesome site and prices! I've shopped around at Home Depot, Lowes and even Uhaul and the prices at BoxesAZ can't be beat. Toss in the free shipping and next day delivery to my house and you've won a customer for life. Thanks so much for the great service."

Emily B. Columbus, GA